Hello, Spring?

My sister and I…and Dad photobombing in the background šŸ˜€

*Cough Cough* *Sniffle Sniffle*

Hello (imagine that said in a pathetically scratchy voice). Yes, I’ve been hit. I was so proud of my immune system for keeping me healthy when all my friends and family succumbed to the flu. I got cocky. Then, a few weeks ago, I got hit with the respiratory flu. Hard. To make a long story short, I’ve been a congested pile of goo since February 3rd. I’ve slogged through it for the most part, but I missed my Dad’s 60th birthday party because I was in Urgent Care on February 5th. Happy Birthday.

I tried everything, from homemade chickenĀ & riceĀ soup to my immunity boosting tea. Despite my best efforts, it seems like these little buggers have settled in and are sticking around for a while. This weekend, though, I was DETERMINED to make it back to Wisconsin for my Dad’s 60th Birthday Redo (we planned this shortly after I missed his actual birthday thinking, “Surely I’ll be ALLĀ better by the 18th!”). The week leading up to Dad’s Birthday Redo didn’t help my health – although it was REALLY fun! Here’s what it looked like:

Saturday: Lego Club & Lego Story Time

Sunday: Laundry, Clean and Disinfect the Apartment, Bake Bread, SLEEP

Monday: 3D Doodler Kids’ Program and 2 story times

Tuesday: Yoga Story Time (and YES, Shane and I did celebrate with our traditional spaghetti, Lady & The Tramp, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Just imagine a big Kleenex box in the middle of us. Magical.)

Wednesday: CHOCOLATE OLYMPICS. My 3-hour, 50+ kid program was this week. We played chocolate relay races (Oreo stacking, Chocolate Unicorn, rolling Whoppers with their noses and theĀ Chocolate KissĀ Oven Glove Race where kids had to unwrap a kiss while wearingĀ gloves,Ā Ā and had chocolate challenges (M&M minute to win it games, candy trivia, bingo, Chocolate Shuffleboard…am I making you hungry šŸ˜‰ ). Needless to say, it was AWESOME. Also needless to say, by the end of 3 hours my voice and head were wrecked.

Chocolate Oreo Relay Racing

Thursday: Story Time…the voice was getting worse, but I made it through and guzzled tea the rest of the day

Friday: I squeaked through story time and CRASHED

I slept all of Friday, got lots of drugs in me, and was determined to make it home for my Dad’s party on Saturday. AND I MADE IT! It required a lot of sleeping in the car (love you, SHANE!), an excessive amount of hot tubbing (my Dad had knee surgery, Shane back surgery, and I’m sick – you can imagine how much a hot tub appealed), delicious food, and laughter. I got to see my family and celebrate my Dad (the best Dad in the world, in my opinion) mark such a big milestone in his life. Lucky guy ended up having two parties, so getting sick wasn’t all bad. šŸ™‚

Waterfall along the trail

On Sunday, Shane and I tromped through Pets Park (Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha for those of you not in the know). The fresh air did my sinuses a TON of good. And did I mention we walked IN OUR T-SHIRTS? In February? I walked outside thinking, “How long have I been sick???” I’m used to writing blog posts about the frigid air of Bemidji. This year is just NUTS. As I sit writing this post (thank you, President’s Day), it is 50 here in Mankato and raining. Insane. But, don’t worry. We’re supposed to get slammed with a blizzard next week.

In the meantime, I’m going to go write. Hopefully, I’ve turned a corner and can start being a human again.

Happy Monday!

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