“Julia Lee drives to the heart of what it means to reconnect in Seven Stones. Place, race, ancestors, and identity converge in this compelling tale, daring everyone to explore what it really means to dream.”

–Anton Treuer, author of Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask


“…Julia Lee has created wonderful, complex characters and placed them in an unconventional setting with special challenges in Seven Stones. Mixing two such diverse cultures that share a similar regard for the power of dreams is certainly unique and the background provided is interesting without becoming overwhelming. Many of the issues that plague teenagers are tackled with sensitivity and there is ample opportunity for the characters to grow, learning how to rise above the negative. Entertaining, engrossing and thought provoking, Seven Stones is an excellent story, well worth reading for many reasons.”

–Melinda Hills, Reader’s Favorite Five Star Review


Seven Stones will capture your imagination within the first few pages. Seeped with history and fantasy, this will be a book you will want to read in one sitting…A brilliant debut by an author who is worth keeping an eye on.”

–Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey Blog


“What a wonderful debut! Julia Lee certainly doesn’t disappoint…great writing along with a nice dash of romance make Seven Stones a spectacular read.”

–Tracey Joseph, MG/YA Lit Blogger


“Julia Lee is an exceptional and imaginative writer…This is a read that you do not want to pass up.”

–Jessica Gleason, author of Madison Murphy: Wisconsin Weirdo


What Readers Are Saying:

“The most impressive thing about this book, the thing that makes me pick it up again and again, is the fact that Julia Lee ignores nothing in her writing…There is, quite literally, something in this book for everyone. Seven Stones is not just a fantasy book. It is not just a historical fiction book. Nor is it just a Young Adult book. Quite simply and truly, this is just a good book. Everyone can enjoy it and everyone can learn from it. I give it my highest recommendation.”

–Katie Futrell, Goodreads review

“Where to start? I couldn’t put Seven Stones down!! The authentic characterizations, the beautiful descriptions, the unfolding mysteries, and the delicate intertwining of Celtic and Ojibwa culture combine to create a beautiful story of identity, family, and so much more! In a way that only the best novels can, Seven Stones brings about resolutions to many of the driving plot questions, but leaves you wanting more of the story! (Please–a sequel for Keilann!!). Definitely want to read more from Julia Lee!!!!”

–Kayla, Goodreads review

“I finished this book wanting to read more about Keilann. The characters come to life on the pages. There were times I wanted to jump into the story and wander around the forest so I could also experience the settings, and other times I truly enjoyed that I was hidden behind the pages and could watch her journey progress. The side characters were also interesting and added depth and warmth to the story. I was impressed with how the story portrayed both sides of Keilann’s heritage, and how they both influenced the person she was becoming. This is a young adult book, so it is a quick read, and a good read. There really isn’t a reason not to read it.”

–Tami Niswander, Goodreads review

“If asked what this book is about I would say it is about cultural roots and finding yourself. This book fits into many genres, giving it the ability to please many different types of readers. It may be billed as young adult, but I believe older readers will enjoy this cultural adventure. It also has historical fiction ties with a mix of fantasy. Julia Lee also gives the reader romance elements to pluck at your heart strings. In a word, this book has soul, enough to interest a discerning reader.

My husband even read this book and enjoyed it profusely. The characters are memorable and their accents are contagious. My husband and I felt this book was well researched with a fun mix of cultures. I absolutely loved the way in which Shakespeare was interwoven into this story.

I would definitely suggest this budding author to anyone looking for a book with real heart. Thank you Julia Lee for your addition to my library!”

–Joelle, Goodreads review