To dream is to be human.

In dreams, we are free to become another person, free to take risks, to bend the rules of reality — or face our darkest demons. Most people fall asleep safe with the knowledge that when they open their eyes, their nightmares won’t follow them into the light.

Keilann Douglas isn’t like most people.

Seven Stones is set against the dramatic landscape of Scotland: a land full of history, culture, and unsurpassed beauty. But, as far as Keilann is concerned, it means living in the middle of nowhere, having an ocean separating her from her Ojibwe relatives, and new school mates who decide almost instantly that she’s something of a joke.

On top of adjusting to a new life in what seems like a different world, Keilann has become subject to terrifying nightmares. Infernos set her nights ablaze, ghostly cries tear through her restless sleep, the dreams somehow connecting Keilann to a mysterious girl who haunts her waking life. The more time Keilann spends in Scotland, the more she realizes that her vivid dreams are not something of fantasy, but a window into the country’s turbulent past.

As Keilann delves deeper into Scottish history, she finally begins to connect with her own Ojibwe heritage. By rediscovering her long-buried identity and beliefs, a remarkable and unshakable bond is formed between her and an incredible woman who vanished from recorded history long ago.

Seven Stones follows Keilann Douglas on her journey from an uprooted girl trying to fly under the radar to a woman unafraid of the power of her own voice. Only after she discovers the source of an impossible connection that spans continents and centuries, Keilann realizes that her true quest has been finding herself.