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An Author’s Birthday List

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I spent the early hours of Wednesday morning in the Emergency Room. Several hours and x-rays later, I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and sent home with some crazy strong pain killers and a fashionable sling. I can’t lift my arm, bear weight, or even type with my right hand without pain.

How did this happen. I figured you’d ask, so I have provided three versions of my injury story. Only you can choose which is the truth!

a. I got into a bar fight with a notorious crime lord, single-handedly taking him down while rescuing an adorable bunch of ragtag orphans he had kidnapped.

b. I signed so many books on Saturday that I actually tore my rotator cuff.

c. I slept on my arm funny and woke up with pain and discomfort. Figuring it was nothing, I proceeded to do an hour of yoga, after which I could be found crying like a small child because it felt like a knife was wedged in my shoulder.

If you chose a or b, good for you! I, myself, favor b.

Crime lords and book signings aside, I found myself in a load of pain and distress this morning. Shane–my gallant knight–asked if getting an early birthday present would ease the pain. Why, yes! Yes it would! I was then presented with one of the most healing things known in all Packerdom: Green Bay Packer stuff! And not just any stuff–he went out and bought the huge Lambeau Field throw rug that I’ve wanted since we first moved to Bemidji. The Packer Room is complete!

Which got me thinking. As my birthday is only a week away, friends and family have been asking what I want this year. Besides an oversize Packer rug, I don’t actually want any stuff. As an author, here’s what I really want for my birthday:

1. Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing

2. You to buy a copy of my book

3. Buy a friend a copy of my book

4. Tell your friends about my book (or libraries, schools, book clubs, etc.)

5. For my author page on Facebook to reach 300 “likes”

Thanks to everyone who keeps spreading the news about my book and upcoming signings! I’m a pretty lucky girl to have so many amazing friends.

I’m going to take Friday off of blogging to let my shoulder rest. I’ll see you Monday with some birthday recipes!!!