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Friday Favorites: Bemidji Favorites

See ya later, Paul & Babe!

See ya later, Paul & Babe!

This Friday, I want to focus on all my favorite parts of our time in Bemidji. Though we were only here for ten months, it really has been a wonderful experience–mostly because of all the truly AMAZING people we’ve come to know and love. So, here is a look back at our days in the North Woods!

The Little Red Duplex

We were incredibly lucky to find such a great place to live. After living in apartments since we got out of college, Shane and I were ready for more space and a yard of our own. It is cozy, inviting, and really became our home in just a short period of time. Here’s a (terrible) video that I shot during our first weeks in Bemidji. Shane has since critiqued my camera work (which is pretty hilariously bad), but it gives you an idea of what our house looked like between all the blurred images. Hey, I never said I was a photographer. I do words, people. 🙂

Region 2 Arts Council

I couldn’t have done any of my marketing or publicity without the generous folks at the Region 2 Arts Council. They awarded me the Individual Artist Grant back in March so I could hire my wonderful publicist, Krista, to plan my book tour, and Christy of Brown Design to create the Seven Stones Book Trailer. Without the financial and professional support of the Council, I definitely wouldn’t be able to reach as many readers!

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My First Book Signing

The table!

Thanks, Kat’s Book Nook!

My very first book tour stop was at Kat’s Book Nook in Bemidji. I was SO nervous and excited to actually be doing my first ever book signing! So many people showed up to support me, and I ended up having a wonderful time. I can’t thank Kat enough, or the community for their amazing support. Bemidji gave me a great start to my book tour, and helped boost my confidence as an author!

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Evening Horse Rides

We're BFFs

We’re BFFs

Imagine riding through a lush, forested state park at sunset on a gorgeous chestnut mare with a great friend by your side. Afterwards, a group of tiny, fuzzy kittens literally romp all over you in the stable. Yup, I got to live a 12 year old girl’s dream thanks to my friend and fellow Packer fan, Kori. I had SUCH great times with her, the horses (my best friend, Firefly, is pictured above), and the barn cats. It was beyond amazing to be able to hit the trails anytime we wanted.

I got to take my very last ride (*sob*) Wednesday night while the sun was setting in brilliant oranges and reds. It was cool, windless, and quiet–a perfect night for a ride, and one that I badly needed. I was super stressing about the move and packing, but once I was in the saddle, everything was okay. I’m sure going to miss our rides, but I’ve got great memories to take with me to Mankato!

Bemidji Community

Northern Lights Farm

For a little town, this place provided us with AWESOME amenities. My favorites were the beautiful Harmony Co-Op, the local board game store (Accidentally Cool Games), the Bemidji Public Library, and our fresh from the farm CSA. I hope Mankato treats us as well as Bemidji!


We love you, Bemidji Friends!

We love you, Bemidji Friends!

Last, and most importantly, we are going to miss all of our friends! We have met amazing people during our time here, and have had some great times! Some of the highlights of our months here:

Jane Austen Tea Party

Outdoor Movie & Video Games

Thank you to everyone who made us feel loved and welcome. We will miss you from the bottom of our hearts! Friends will ALWAYS be welcome in Mankato! Stop by anytime. I’m sure I’ll have something delicious cooking, a board game to play, and a pot of tea to share.

Happy Friday!



Book Signing at Kat’s Book Nook!


My first book signing

On Saturday, I got to spend a lovely afternoon at Kat’s Book Nook in Bemidji surrounded by good books, good friends, and a couple of cats. How was the signing, you ask? FANTASTIC! Gosh, I can’t tell you how much I just LOVE meeting people and talking about my book. Love, love, love. It is a dream come true and I soak up every second of it.

The table!

The table!

I set up my table at Kat’s around 12:40 (because when I’m nervous, I show up early and prep). Since I was early, I got to chat with Kat and play with her adorable kitties…one of whom thought the dreamcatcher I brought to decorate the table was the BEST TOY EVER. Convincing her not to eat it was a feat, but she managed to control herself for the most part.


Ready for my adoring public!

Then, the people started arriving–thank goodness, I thought. Thank you to everyone who came out to support me, talk about my book, get a copy signed, and check out a fabulous local bookstore. I’d been nervous beforehand because this was my first official signing, but it was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again!

Lakeland News crew!

Lakeland News crew!

What’s even better is the crew from Lakeland arrived to film the book signing for another In Focus segment and to get footage for my upcoming Common Ground segment! I had a blast doing the interview with Lakeland reporter Kathleen Cohen. In Focus airs as the last piece on the 10 o’clock news this Friday on PBS. If you aren’t in the viewing area, I’ll be posting it to my Facebook wall and on my website. 🙂

The people are arriving! Time to sign books!

The people are arriving! I had to put my camera away and sign books!

After the book signing, I got to celebrate with friends at Udom’s in Hackensack. Since moving up to Northern Minnesota, I thought I was destined to never eat Thai food unless I made it myself. Luckily, Udom’s is only an hour away from Bemidji and totally, 100% worth the drive. It’s also half-way between Brainerd and Bemidji, so Shane and I met a group of friends from Brainerd and had an amazing night. Cheers!


Time to celebrate!

What a wonderful weekend, and it is only the beginning of the book tour! More signings, talks, and author events are on their way! If I’m not stopping by your hometown, shoot me an email and I can also make appearances at book clubs and other organizations. I’d love to talk about Seven Stones with you.

Happy Monday! 🙂