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Going to Print!


Not going to lie, this past week was insane. Grad school kicked it up a notch, I had projects due, volunteering, trying to stay one step ahead of the dirty laundry so we had something to wear, finding time to workout, and updating all the social media for the book launch. All while attempting to write. And, oh yeah, I work two jobs.

Amid all this crazy, I got an email from my publishers: Seven Stones is going to print THIS WEEK! So, they sent me a final copy of the book to approve on Thursday. And wanted an approved copy by Sunday.


Naturally, everything else took a back seat for a few days. I totally enveloped myself in the world of my first novel and only came out for sustenance and sleep. Thank goodness for Shane, who had breakfast made (I’m talking sweet potato hash with poached eggs. Yup. I’m a bit spoiled) when I woke up in the morning, took care of dishes, folded laundry, and kept me sane (for the most part). By 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, I had the whole manuscript read through, filled with a final round of edits, and sent back to the publishers.


Now that there is a minor lull in the insanity, I just want to bask in the realization that my book is going to print this week. MY BOOK IS GOING TO PRINT THIS WEEK!!!!! There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to express how thrilled I am. I am also hoping that this means I can announce an advanced copy give away very soon so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?