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Immunity Boosting Tea

A cup of tea can do a world of good

A cup of tea can do a world of good

It’s finally March. My new favorite month. In just nineteen short days, my book will be released. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I still can’t. The whole publishing and planning process has kind of felt like planning a wedding: you spend so long preparing for the event, it doesn’t ever feel like it’s actually going to happen. I don’t think the fact that I will be a published author is going to sink in until I have a copy of my book in my hands. It’s just too surreal, such a dream come true, it is difficult to believe.

Now, the stress and anxiety, those things I do believe. Because while becoming a published author is a life dream, it is also a crazy amount of work. And, like anything worth doing, it scares the hell out of me. I have many doubts and fears. Ask any of my poor family members or friends who have been subjected to my worries. Will the book sell? Will people like it? What if no one shows up to my book signings? What if my book talks suck? What if, what if, what if. These questions hang around my head as I write this post and follow me throughout the day. And that’s okay. Because, while some of the things I’m worried about might actually happen, I’ve got to try anyway. I am getting the chance of a lifetime: the chance to be an author. Nothing is going to stop me from putting 300% of myself into writing and promoting my work. If I’m lucky, it will all pay off. No matter what, it will be worth it.

And that brings me to the recipe I am sharing with you today: Honey Garlic Immunity Tea. Because if I’m going to give being an author my all, I’ve got to feel my best physically and mentally. The germs of the world, however, seem to have different plans. In Minnesota, we’re still deep in the trenches of winter and colds are plentiful. This past week, Shane caught a nasty one. In response, I’ve been making huge vats of this Honey Garlic Tea.


Sound weird? Honey (especially raw honey) is antimicrobial, has been used as a remedy for sore throats for centuries, and is supposed to boost immune systems. Garlic is incredibly medicinal, a cough inhibitor, clears your sinuses, and also boosts immune systems. The lemon juice adds a citrus kick, feels great on a sore throat, and is supposed to reduce mucus production. Put all those together, and you’ve got one powerful cold buster! The tea couldn’t be simpler to make and actually tastes really good (if you like garlic, which I love).

Stay healthy everyone!

See you at the book release party in NINETEEN DAYS!