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Scottish Shortbread

shortbreadScottish shortbread cookies are probably one of my favorite indulgences. When I think of my perfect morning, it involves a big pot of Irish breakfast tea, a plate of shortbread cookies, a blank page, and no obligations. Ahhh…I can feel myself relax just thinking about it. Shortbread cookies are made of pure heaven. What is heaven made of? Mostly butter, some sugar, a bit of flour, and pinch of salt.

I’ve always been fascinated by all things Scottish. The culminating Celtic experience was when my dad and I took a fantastic trip to Scotland in 2008. Those eight days were some of the most magical I’ve ever had. Between sightseeing the lochs, rolling hills, castles, and glens, my dad and I would stop by the local pubs. At every pub, they would serve me a big pot of tea with warm, buttery cookies. Mmmmm….So. Freaking. Good.

Since it is my Dad’s birthday tomorrow, I’m whipping up a batch of these Scottish shortbread cookies to send home to him. I hope each time he enjoys one, he remembers all the adventures we had across the pond!


My dad in the full Bruce clan regalia

And I hope if you try these cookies that they transport your taste buds to a buttery oasis of relaxation and tranquility filled with kilts.


Shane shaking his McGill tartan

Pairing Suggestion:

A mug of strong, black tea, a warm, snuggly blanket, and a blank page.

Hungry for more Scottish recipes? The ones found here were inspired by writing Seven Stones!