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Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Cookies

Cookies to the rescue!
Cookies to the rescue!

 I’m all about being and eating healthy. I practice yoga six days a week and stay away from processed/artificial “foods.” However, I do not follow any strict food rules and I abhor (that’s right, abhor) diets. I just do my best to give my body the best nutrition possible through whole and organic foods. That being said, I sincerely believe that it is perfectly healthy to treat yourself to something that you just eat because it is delicious and brings you pleasure. Especially during the first week of graduate classes. Or the second. And every other day between now and the end of the semester.

Enter the best cookies I’ve ever made: chocolate butterscotch chip. These cookies were sent from heaven on a cloud of chocolate. Inspiration came to me when I was passing a vending machine this past weekend. Usually, I don’t give vending machines a second glance. That particular day, I was craving sweets. I saw the Butterfingers and had a hard time holding myself back. For the rest of the day, I kept thinking about the flavor combination–how the mysterious crunchy middle always reminded me of butterscotch–and thus the idea for chocolate butterscotch cookies was born.

I love butterscotch. I love it so much. I have wanted to bake a butterscotch-based dessert for so long. Why haven’t I? As much as I pride myself on being a great cook, I am not the best baker. Shane says it is because I substitute too much. And he is right. When I see the amount of butter and sugar on cookie recipes, I think, “Yikes! Surely, I can reduce that!” The result? Well…not cookies. Fortunately, Shane was with baking with me this time (and, for the record, he wears the baking crown in our house). When I started suggesting substitutions, he put his foot down. “These are cookies. Let them be cookies.” So, I did. And they are delicious.

We scoured the web together and found the perfect chocolate butterscotch chip cookie recipe. The only changes we made were to use organic ingredients, Earth Balance instead of butter, and replace the refined sugar with Sucanat. We also omitted the toffee chunks because Shane is not a fan. The batter came together in minutes. We rolled it into about 24 2-inch sized balls and they baked into cakey-sweet wonder cookies. I am in love.

Found on prettybooks.tumblr.com
Found on prettybooks.tumblr.com

Suggested pairing:

Curl up with a hot mug of coffee, two chocolate butterscotch cookies, and the sneak peek first chapter of Seven Stones. Make sure to leave a comment!

Cookies and books! What could be better?

Happy Wednesday!

What is your favorite cookie?